Survive & Thrive: Cultivating Leadership Agility

So why this book? Why now?

I have worked with thousands of executives and noticed the type of conversations I was having with them were shifting. These conversations were centred around the unrelenting nature of work demands and the increased complexity in their role. In their words the pace of change was quickening. They were noticing the social complexity of the work environment increasing with the need to deal with multiple stakeholders with different agendas.  Many of my clients were stressed, overwhelmed and looking for practical ways to grow and adapt to cope with this new world.

What I have learnt in my own development journey and helping others is that making personal change is hard. If you have ever tried new year’s resolutions, you will know hard change is.  You have to have both the willingness and the ability to make the change.  What I know for certain is that more you experiment around change that is important to you the more you will grow. Growth leads to increased agility and adaptability.

That is what this book is about. It taps into 20 years of my experience working with executives helping them to make progress on change that matters. Helping them to grow and helping them to be more agile and adaptable.


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