About Andrew

Andrew is the Founder and Managing Director of Agility Consulting Group.  He has been an Adjunct Faculty at the Australia Graduate School of Management at the University of NSW for over 10 years where he facilitates executive programs in adaptive leadership, leadership agility and personal growth.

In June 2017, Andrew won the prestigious AGSM executive education outstanding faculty award. This award recognises those who have made outstanding contributions to the quality of participant learning and the quality of participant experience in executive education.

Andrew is a graduate of The Art and Practice of Leadership Development at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government which has enabled him to work with teams in the area of adaptive leadership and transformational change. He is also a practitioner in Case-in-Point teaching methodology and was certified as a Master Practitioner in this powerful methodology through the Kansas Leadership Centre. He uses this form of teaching methodology with intact teams, leadership cohorts and in programs with AGSM clients.

In his work Andrew regularly works with senior teams to help them work through issues that are important to them. He is able to facilitate dialogue, help groups anchor to purpose and hold up a mirror to enable groups to see how their dynamics are helping or hindering their ability to make progress. Andrew enjoys challenging a group and creates a safe holding space to enable that to happen.

Andrew’s impressive client list covers industries such as Banking & Finance, Government, Telecommunications, Energy, Retail, FMCG, Insurance, Construction, Professional Services and Media & Publishing. Andrew has worked in a number of countries across his career and is passionate about helping any individual or team in any location.

Andrew is an outstanding coach, workshop facilitator, speaker and educator bringing a unique blend of energy, humour, creativity and learning to every program and presentation.

In his spare time Andrew, enjoys the theatre, running, entertaining, collecting wine, domestic and international travel and for his sins follows Carlton in the AFL.