I have been facilitating workshops for clients from a range of industries for over 20 years. I have also been a Program Director and an Adjunct Faculty member of the AGSM for the past 10 years working on large scale leadership development programs. I have worked with large organisations customising face to face and blended leadership programs.

My focus is on customising development programs, general facilitation and open programs.  Some of my areas of expertise include:

  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Adaptive Change
  • Cultivating Leadership Agility
  • Immunity to Change

My customised development programs are based on 3 key phases; Discovery & Design, Delivery and Evaluation.

Discovery & Design

In the discovery and design session I work with you  to co-design the development program. Through a series of interviews we start to understand the context that participants are working in, the development objectives and identify the appropriate development applications that are practical and developmental.


In the delivery phase I implement the design and development activities that best support the objectives of the development program. This might include face to face workshops, group coaching, one on one coaching, videos, webinars, workbooks and action learning.


In the evaluation phase I work with you to assess the impact of the development program in terms of learner awareness and behavioural change.

I am excited to announce that I am building a development program around Cultivating Leadership Agility. This program will be launched in the second half of 2019 and will be based on my years of experience helping individuals to make change that matters to them.


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