Executive Coaching

The coaching work I do with Executives can range from working with a transformational leadership dilemma, helping cultivate their leadership agility right through to a business issue that they are grappling with. I meet with my clients every 4 – 5 weeks on average and have a facility whereby they check in with me in between sessions.

I work through a defined process which is flexible in terms of what the executive needs. I have an assessment phase which can involve diagnostics, stakeholder feedback and a three way evaluation with their leader. I then work with the individual to craft a development plan which is targeted, focused and clear.

The coaching phase is where I co-partner with my client to establish real behavioural change and ways to make it stick. I may share resources, articles, role plays, dialogic approaches, and insightful questioning to allow the client to re-evaluate their current view of the world. I find the real work takes place outside the session whereby the individual has reflected and can integrate the developmental actions into their ongoing work. I create a safe coaching environment for executives to be vulnerable, passionate, thoughtful and agile. My style is challenging but is always done with care and purpose. I provide a space for the individual to experience ‘quick wins’ with the challenges they are facing which builds confidence and sustainable behavioural change.

If you want to grow, make a breakthrough or simply exercise more leadership then let’s work together.


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