Jo, Financial Services
"Andrew has a brilliant facilitation style. He is challenging, compassionate and engaging."
General Manager Organisational Development, Downer Group
"Andrew Williams has been working with Downer middle leaders for four years. In that time, Andrew has been our lead facilitator and program director on our custom build LEaD2 development program. Approximately 300 Downer leaders have been fortunate to work with and be challenged by Andrew. Andrew creates a learning environment that is reflective, honest and inclusive. The program includes facilitated workshops and coaching sessions which Andrew manages, participants are challenged and provided practical and pragmatic actions that can be implemented back in their roles. Andrew is responsive to our employee’s current and emerging needs, and adapts his style to ensure the learning environment is both robust and challenging while safe to learn and grow – a difficult balance, which Andrew crafts individually for each group. Andrew is a great asset to our program and over the years has been a terrific partner to our business."
GM Organisational Development, Construction & Materials Industry
"We have a curriculum of Leadership Development programs and we have worked with Andrew since the curriculum’s launch in 2015. During that time Andrew has shaped and evolved the individual programs within that curriculum, to best effect a positive impact on the delegates and their careers. Andrew’s facilitating style is unique. He has numerous tools at his disposal to flex and adapt as necessary. Andrew is consistently investigating new and different ways of working with program participants. I was lucky enough to witness this approach during a General Managers program. Throughout the program modules Andrew systematically disrupted and reconstructed the participants. It was a sight to behold. It had the desired effect however, the program was a resounding success and the post-program feedback for Andrew was unanimously positive."
Colleague, AGSM
"Andrew is one of the most amazing facilitators that I work with (and I work with lots of fantastic people). I would work with him any chance that I get. What really sets Andrew apart from others is his ability to hold a psychologically safe space in the room while at the same time productively turning up the heat on the participants to encourage the hidden conflicts and awkward realisations to emerge. I have seen him do this with groups time and time again. He is masterful at this. Andrew is also a joy to work with because he is incredibly flexible. Because he knows his material so thoroughly, he is able to respond amazingly effectively in the moment to the issues that arise with the group. And then he can bring it all back to the flow of the session, seemingly without missing a beat. In addition, he is always learning, always seeking to improve, always keen to find little ways to be just a little bit better every time."