The Adaptive Challenge of Development

I hate to say this but at times I feel like I am a willing participant in a problem that

Creating Space for Growth

“Making change, moving towards who you want to become, to being your best self, requires us to give up something

Cultivating an Ownership Mindset

Many years ago, when I was lecturing in Human Resources, one of the stock standard assessments was a group assignment.

A Year of Loss and a New Year of Possibilities

This year has been tough. It’s been isolating. It’s been a grind. It’s thrown a spotlight on issues that may

What type of Leadership Team do you want?

I have worked with over 20 leadership teams over the last 16 years as a team coach. Some of been

What do we mean by self awareness?

Organisations that experience rapid change and complexity are made up of social systems. That is, all the people in the

Creating the space for your leadership role by getting out of the weeds

“If you’re doing my job then who is doing your job” Many years ago when I was debriefing a high

Challenging the Status Quo

I am working with a client at the moment to help change culture to be more leadership and performance focused.

Team Purpose and Connection within Remote Teams

As remote work has ramped up over the past 3 months I have had numerous conversations with friends and individuals

Building Psychological Safety? Think about a Rose and Thorn Moment.

Introduction Over the years I have done a lot of work with teams and it’s the one part of my

Small steps along the journey of change

Yesterday I chatted to a delightful person, Carolyn, about some copywriting work she was doing for me. She asked me

What I learnt from a month of gratitude

Experiment 7: Learning from gratitude  When I started my sabbatical and my experiments, at the start of 2019, my first

Now is the time for simple rules.

As we approach Easter, I have noticed the impact that Covid 19 has had on my home town of Torquay.

Uncertainty is the only certainty you can hold on to at the moment

Our need for certainty As I write this from my place in Torquay I feel blessed I have a sanctuary

Let’s Practice Deep Listening

Deep Listening Now, more than any other time, we have to be more effective at listening. With more social distancing

Curiosity and Leadership Agility

Curiosity & Leadership Agility In my Leadership Agility workshops I always ask participants what the key enablers of Leadership Agility

Growth and Complexity

Next week I am running my first public leadership program as an experiment. One of the key questions I will

What I learnt from a year of experiments..

This time last year I was just starting my 6 month sabbatical. The purpose of the sabbatical was to practice

The Power of Diversity of Thought

I was recently at an event where one of my favourite authors and thought leaders, Jonathan Haidt, was speaking. Haidt

Experiment 6: Stand Up Comedy

A key element of my development journey over the past 18 months has been letting go of my need for

How can you, as a leader, build psychological safety?

I remember working with a senior leadership team a few years back where conversations were polite, benign and frustrating. Some

How are you coping with complexity?

Complexity On a recent leadership agility workshop I was facilitating, the participants were discussing how they were personally impacted by

Simple Rules for Complexity

Impact of Complexity On a recent leadership agility workshop I was facilitating, the participants were discussing how they were personally

Experiment 4 Long Form Improvisation Comedy

One of the main reasons for my sabbatical is to practice self care and have fun. Too often my work

Experiment 1: Walking the talk and pausing!

In early 2018 I read Pause by Rachael O’Meara. O’Meara is an executive at Google who wrote her book based on a sabbatical.

Experiment 2: Survive and Thrive

On January 5 I left for Koh Phangan in Thailand. The reason for my journey was to attend a two week yoga and meditation retreat run by Pure Flow Yoga.

Experiment 3: Leaning in, Leaning out..4 Weeks Co-living and Co-working in Bali

In February 2019 I flew out to Ubud, Bali for a month to participate in a co-working retreat with 20 individuals from all over the world. Unsettled ( is, in their words “a community for those who embrace uncertainty and value meaningful human connection.