Do you need to make progress on change that is important to you or your team. Do you want to exercise more leadership. Do you want to grow? Do you need a coach who challenges in a compassionate and supportive manner. If so, I would love to work with you.


I run open programs and customised workshops on cultivating leadership and learning agility, and adaptive leadership. I am a dynamic, engaging and learner centred Facilitator having worked with hundreds of groups. If you want to build the capacity of your leaders let’s chat.


Do you want to disrupt the mindset of a group and inspire them to make change. If so I would love to speak at your event. My speaking engagements are thought provoking, delivered with humour and energy and provide practical ideas that individuals and teams can immediately implement.

360 Feedback

Do you want to better understand how others experience you? Do you want insights and ideas about how to leverage your strengths and make progress on your development areas? A 360 feedback session can be a valuable part of any leadership or coaching program. If you want more information, please contact me.