Looking for a speaker or podcast guest who’ll take a velvet sledgehammer to your audience’s comfort zone?

Think about a pivotal moment in your life. One where you turned slightly on your heel and made those first steps in the direction of positive change…

Chances are, it happened because of something someone said. Something that challenged you to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

That’s what makes someone’s heart beat slightly faster as they take their seat at your event or tune into your podcast; they’re wondering how they may be changed by a single idea.

As a coach, educator, leadership enthusiast, facilitator and author, I’ve spend almost two decades helping leaders at all levels think, engage and act differently in response to changing and complex environments.

Served straight-up, with a generous dash of humour and creativity, my unique blend of storytelling, research and practical ideas means your audience will walk away with something valuable – an actionable first step towards making progress on change that truly matters to them.



Speaker Topics

I deliver energetic and entertaining presentations on a wide range of topics related to leadership agility, as well as personal and professional growth through experimentation.

This is just a taste of the ideas I can present on:

• Experiment, Grow and Change your Life
• Cultivate Your Leadership Agility to Navigate Complexity
• Cultivating Team Agility
• The 6 Rules of Thumb for Leadership Agility


For a thought-provoking and memorable experience that will disrupt the minds of your audience, book me for your next speaking event or podcast.

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