360 Feedback

Organisations that experience rapid change and complexity are general made up of social systems. That means every individual in the organisational system bring their own complexity into the system.  If we want to be successful in this broader system then we need to better understand how others experience us. We can’t afford our own system tripping us up as we try and navigate change.

In my work I specialise in helping individuals build their self awareness. Through my 360 feedback work and my individual and team coaching I help individuals to deepen their understanding of themselves.

Self-knowledge is critical element of leadership agility. I know from research and clients’ anecdotal evidence that managers’ inability to give effective feedback results in many people walking around lacking in self-awareness. This is a leadership agility killer!

I offer 360-degree assessment solutions for leaders that use the Korn Ferry 360 tool or the Human Synergistics LSI 1 & 2 tool.  The KF360 tool is a competency-based tool that is founded on significant research. The KF360® enables learners to quickly identify their blind spots, strengths and development areas, as well as any potential ‘derailers’.  The tool can be administered as a one-off or as part of a wider leadership community 360-degree process.  I have extensive experience in both methods.  The LSI 1 & 2 feedback tool measures a person’s thinking and behaviours across 12 styles (four constructive and eight ineffective).

I have completed over 3000 feedback sessions with many of those at the senior executive level. If you want to talk more about how I can help you implement a 360 process please contact me.

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