Let’s Practice Deep Listening

Deep Listening

Now, more than any other time, we have to be more effective at listening. With more social distancing and remote working the need for deeper listening is vital. It’s moving beyond hearing other people, which is passive, to actively being present and creating a space for the other person to share what’s important to them. It enhances connection and demonstrates kindness, empathy and compassion. We all crave being listened to and we know when we aren’t being listened to.

What deep listening is not.

It’s not about listening for your turn to speak, to impress, to finish their sentence or your turn to advocate your position, it’s about listening with a learning mindset. Listening to how people are feeling and what people are needing from you.

It’s not easy

Listening is not easy. It takes us into a place of uncertainty and as such it requires real vulnerability. Deep listening is feeling comfortable with the silence before you respond to the person. It’s about letting go of assumptions that you know how this conversation will go.

Our desire for action and busyness dilutes our capacity to listen.

So what can you do

If you’re having a conversation with someone think about

• How can I show curiosity and learn about this person and what’s important to them?
• What does this person need from me?
• What is this person feeling as they share themselves with me.

So as you work remotely think about how you can practice deeper listening. Be present and make it about them and not about you.

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